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Event Favors

 Your guests will be buzzing with delight when they see these adorable honey favors! We take small jars of our honey  to create a unique little gift. Whether it is a Wedding, Baby Shower or just a Thank You , we have the favor for you. 

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About Us

Swarmin Norman and Queen Bee Linda Owners of Crimson Creek Apiaries

Swarmin Norman & Queen Bee Linda

Swarmin Norman & Queen Bee Linda

Swarmin Norman & Queen Bee Linda

Crimson Creek Apiaries,LLC is owned and operated by Linda and Norman Lachimia of Sewickley Township, PA.

  • In addition to selling 100% raw honey and honey goods, we also build Langstroth Woodenwares.

  • Norman is the expert craftsman of our Langstroth bee hives. The Langstroth hive, patented in 1852, was the first successful top-opened hive with movable frames. The biggest advantage of this kind of hive is that the bees will build honeycomb into the frames, which can be moved easily by the beekeeper. These moveable frames allow the beekeeper to manage their hives and extract honey in a way that was once impossible.

Please note:

Our hives are built to order, so please allow 7-10 business days for completion.
Local pick-up only.

We also provide swarm removal and honeybee extractions.   

So if you’re lucky enough to witness a swarm, consider yourself among the privileged. Then quickly contact Swarmin' Norman - because he absolutely loves to collect swarms of honeybees.  

All of the honeybees that we recover are safely relocated to their new homes at our apiary.

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100% Pure Raw Honey just the way the Bees made it!

Irwin, PA 15642
Sewickley Township
(724) 446-1442

(724) 446-1442

Swarmin' Norman:
(724) 289-7879


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Swarmin Norman & Queen Bee Linda

Swarmin Norman & Queen Bee Linda


While working in your garden or relaxing outside on a summer day, have you ever stopped to listen to the soft hum of the industrious honeybee?  These beautiful and fascinating little creatures play an important role in human society. Humans and bees have had a close relationship for thousands of years. At Crimson Creek Apiaries, we do our part to enforce this relationship by increasing awareness of honeybees and promoting beekeeping to our customers and the general public. To be honest, we have a lot of fun! Please browse our site and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

~ Linda and Norman~ 



Swarmin Norman & Queen Bee Linda



In addition to selling the honey that our bees produce, we also offer presentations for schools, garden clubs, churches and just about anyone else interested in learning about honeybees and beekeeping.   

Our presentations are kid and adult friendly and interactive.  

For more information and pricing...  

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. pick up some Raw Honey 724 289 7879 visite our store locator to find Local Honey near you

Crimson Creek Apiaries, LLC

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