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Pure Honey,Beeswax Candles and Beehives

Total hive frames and foundation  $215.00
Two deep hive bodies
Two medium supers
one screened bottom board
one inner cover screened
one telescoping lid with aluminum cover
39 assembled wooden frames and wax foundation
Best deal anywhere
This hive gives you the ability to collect honey from bees
Hive body $20.00 each  9 5/8 x16 1/4x 19 7/8
Medium Super $15.00  6 5/8 x 16 1/4x 19 7/8
 Strong 1" finger joint  (box joint)
Box with assembled frames and foundation $50.00
16 1/4x19 7/8x9 5/8 Langstroth type
Assembled wooden frames and wax foundation
 $3.50 Each
Screened bottom board helps eliminate the Varroa Mite
also ventilate hive on hot summer days $15.00
Screened bottom board $15.00 important for summer ventilation and mites fall through
contact: Swarmin Norman 724-289-787nine
Beeswax candles also have amazing properties
Drip less, long lasting and burn brighter than other candles just to name a few.
These are hand rolled pure beeswax candles
$5.00 a pair
The Sweet stuff a pure delicacy  $10.00 lb
 Only twice a year can pure honey be extracted
 once in the early summer and once in early fall.
You can find our honey at the
Palace Restaurant in Herminie PA
McNally's in Rilton PA
Country Custard in Sutersville, PA 
 Gary's Chuckwagon in West Newton PA
Crab apple pool in Herminie will have honey stix

Raw Honey has many health benefits for example
The pollen and royal jellies have not been filtered out. It is believed that Raw honey can help fight  hay fever and other pollen related allergies. Local Raw honey has local pollens in it and  may help the body resist  or lessen allergic reactions. 
  Raw Honey also contains natural vitamins and minerals, including  B1,C, potassium, and many more.
  Sweet delicious and good for you.
Here at Crimson Creek Apiaries quality is our number #1 priority.
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